09 February 2024

POMINI Long Rolling Mills participates to the project Girls@Polimi by “Politecnico di Milano”

On 11 February 2024 the International Day of Women and Girls in Science will be celebrated. On this occasion, the Polytechnic University of Milan promotes the "Girls@Polimi - Scholarships for future engineers" initiative in collaboration with companies and foundations. The initiative aims to support female students in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The purpose is to encourage and accompany girls towards achieving their study and career goals in the field of innovation and technology.

POMINI Long Rolling Mills participates in the initiative, demonstrating its commitment to promoting responsibility in the territory and the gender equality.

Girls@Polimi is aimed at students who are currently in their fifth year of high school and have an interest in technical-scientific subjects, by proposing to choose one of the degree courses where gender equality is still far away.

The project offers some scholarships for female students who wish to undertake engineering studies at the Polytechnic University of Milan, with a focus on courses characterized by a limited female presence: Automation, Electrics, Electronics, IT, Mechanical and Industrial Production.

In addition to POMINI Long Rolling Mills, several companies and foundations decided to donate the scholarships. The active participation of donors demonstrates the commitment of the Polytechnic University of Milan to involving society and the territory, promoting social responsibility in terms of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities.

Girls@Polimi is an integral part of the POP-Equal Polytechnic Opportunities program, with which the Politecnico di Milano” undertakes to create an inclusive study and work environment that respects everyone's diversity. Through the Gender POP strategy, the program aims to promote equal gender opportunities, fostering the female participation to STEM subjects, especially in those areas having a poor female representation. In addition to financial support, the “Politecnico di Milano” guarantees to female students a welcoming environment with support, training and placement actions, in order to encourage their professional development and become a model for future generations.

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