February 13, 2023

POMINI Long Rolling Mills to modernize a rolling mill in Sweden

Reduced carbon emissions - Improved flexibility and sustainability of mill operation - Commissioning scheduled for the second half of 2023

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February 10, 2023

POMINI Long Rolling Mills modernizes a rolling mill of Celsa Group

Replacement of four G1 rolling stands with RedRing Series 5 - Reutilization of existing equipment - Supply completed by 2023

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January 17, 2023

POMINI Long Rolling Mills obtains from Ferriera Valsabbia the final acceptance of PriSense predictive maintenance system

An integrated platform comprises sensors, data acquisition devices and software - The data analysis permits to predict possible impending issues - Operators are timely informed by notifications, warnings and alarms

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January 11, 2023

POMINI Long Rolling Mills to supply a new wire rod outlet for the Middle East

The added production will cater to the expanding domestic market - The product portfolio will be enlarged - The start-up is scheduled in the first quarter of 2024

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