25 January 2024

The revamp of Han Tai rolling mill has been completed

The revamp project of Han Tai & Iron Works Co., Ltd. (Taiwan R.O.C.) has been completed, and its Final Acceptance Certificate signed.

The mill is now capable two 2x slit-roll bars with 10 mm diameter starting from square billets with 150 mm size, which will allow Han Tai to expand the product portfolio offered to its market.

The existing train was supplied by POMINI Long Rolling Mills in the 1990s. This revamp project primarily consisted in adding two housing-less horizontal finishing Red Ring stands of the same fourth series as that of the existing stands.

The reutilization of the existing fluid systems and roll change equipment allowed the optimization of the investment, whose scope also included the newly required rolling guides, loop formers, hydraulic fluid valve stands and operational change parts.

The effective and friendly cooperation between the teams was instrumental in the good accomplishment of the project, for which POMINI Long Rolling Mills also provided advisory services to erection and commissioning.

Established in 1960 in Kaohsiung City (Taiwan R.O.C.), Han Tai & Iron Works Co., Ltd. is a primary producer of reinforcement bars of the region, with a yearly production capacity of around 400,000 tons. Its product portfolio includes bars with diameter from 10 to 35 mm, manufactured in accordance to CNS and ASTM standards.

Red Ring is a registered trademark of POMINI Long Rolling Mills.

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