31 May 2022

The Twin-Sliding Stands group

The group is formed by a pair of compacted horizontal and vertical heavy-duty Red-Ring Stands series 5 that operate with multiple reversing rolling runs in synchronized sliding mode: the pass line remains fixed and the stock is rolled full-automatically without any lateral shift and rotation handling, allowing fast and accurate rolling.

The group is profitably installed in either roughing or intermediate positions of mills which process carbon, high quality and special steels as well as titanium and superalloys.

It is the ideal solution in the roughing position for mills fed with different sizes of billet to roll equalized stocks for the downstream mill to replace for instance obsolete reversible 2-Hi or 3-Hi mills and their basic mechanizations, manual operations and long change-over/setting times.
It is also usefully applied in the intermediate positions of mills to roll diversified pre-finished stocks to produce efficiently a large variety of finished products.
The design compactness and the automatized plug&play operations grant a fast commissioning and an energy efficient rolling of defects-free stocks with uniform size and temperature, with change-over and setting times reduced up to 80% compared with conventional rolling setup. 

The group is featuring a special series of heavy-duty Red-Ring Stands equipped with UGA (underload gap adjustment) and  complementable with AGC (automatic gap control) function driven by the Evo-Rollmaster digital-twin process software.    

The Twin-Sliding Compact Stands group are in operation in rolling mills in Italy and India producing high-end products with unbeatable flexibility and operating cost.

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