14 September 2022


Ferriera Valsabbia, one the main Italian producers of deformed bars for concrete reinforcement, is carrying out a progressive investment plan aimed at improving the production efficiency and the quality of the rolled product at the Rolling Mill of Odolo (Brescia, Italy) supplied by POMINI Long Rolling Mills.

In the context of this plan, POMINI Long Rolling Mills has designed and developed together with INOXIHP a new billet descaling plant installed at the exit of the reheating furnace.

The descaling operation consists in the removal of the primary scale that is generated during heating in the furnace as a function of temperature and heating time. The complete removal of the scale is obtained by a controlled jet of water at very high pressure which guarantees the high quality of the rolled product without oxides inclusions and surface defects. The removal of the scale also optimizes the billet welding process before rolling.

The descaling ramps are designed with special flat-blade-type nozzles with a jet impact pressure on the scale of 35 Mpa, with reduced energy and water consumption, also avoiding the surface cooling of the billet.

A combined closure system with chains and air blades installed at the entrance and exit of the spraying area prevents the dispersion into the surrounding environment of the steam generated by the descaling.
Through PLC the operator can manage and view all the information and any alarms relating to the entire plant.

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