15 September 2022

Start-up of new finishing train of Acciaierie Venete Mura

The modernization project consisted in replacing the existing finishing train comprising housing-type stands with new special housing-less Red Ring series 5 units and related plant auxiliary equipment.

The efficient coordination within the project teams of Acciaierie Venete, POMINI Long Rolling Mills and the erection companies allowed to plan and execute the complex site activities (disassembling of existing equipment, demolition and reconstruction of the foundations, assembling of new equipment, cold tests and restart of production rolling) in only five weeks during the August plant shutdown.

The new Red Ring size RR-575 (having a roll centerline distance of 785 mm and a roll barrel of 1,000 mm) are designed to work with horizontal, vertical and convertible configuration, and have a special chock design which permits the utilization of the radial bearings and rolling rolls from the previous stands. The gap adjustment is both symmetrical and asymmetrical according to the process requirements of the rolled product.

The rolling mill in Mura has a yearly production capacity exceeding 180,000 tons and produces a very wide range of carbon and quality steel products including flats up to 400 mm of width, special shaped flats, angles with equal and unequal sides, channels and special profiles for earth-moving machinery.

The range extension of the rolled products, the high dimensional quality demanded by the market and the significant scattering of the production lots require that the equipment be designed to guarantee operation flexibility, reduced times of setting/change and total qualitative and operational reliability.
The installation of the new finishing train completes the plant optimization of the rolling mill of Acciaierie Venete in Mura, where POMINI Long Rolling Mills had previously supplied the intermediate reversing tandem train.

Red Ring is a registered trademark of POMINI Long Rolling Mills in certain countries.

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