01 June 2023

Bar outlet to a rolling mill in the Far East

POMINI Long Rolling Mills has been contracted by China Steel Corporation for the expansion of the rolling mill located in Kaohsiung (Taiwan, Republic of China). The existing mill features a Garrett outlet where bars-in-coil are produced. The expansion project will add straight bar to the producer's portfolio. The hot commissioning is scheduled in the second part of 2025.
The mill processes square billets with a side of 145 mm and length of 14,200 mm. The new bar outlet will handle round bars with diameters ranging from 18 to 55 mm. Processed materials will include both carbon and alloyed steel, like free-cutting steel, Cr, Cr-Mo, Cr-V and Ni-Cr-Mo grades, spring and bearing grades.
A switching table will serve to select either the existing Garrett line or the new bar outlet according to the production program. In the bar outlet a shear will be used for hot dividing the bar before the cooling bed, while another unit will be used in case of emergency scrapping. The high value of the processed steels require that important care be taken to avoid damaging the bar surface, hence the bars will be delivered to the cooling bed by a roller table with brake slides featuring components with Anti-Scratch Design. The initial part of the cooling bed will be also equipped with movable covers which will retain heat so as to reduce the cooling rate when necessary. Behind the cooling bed there will be a cold dividing station with one static shear and two abrasive cutting machines. A device to remove the short bars will be also installed. Once divided at the desired commercial length, the bars will be grouped and orderly collected in bundles, which will be then tied, weighed and discharged to dispatch.
Fluid systems will be included in the supply. The electrical supply will include the main and auxiliary drives and motors, L1 (basic) automation and the integration with the existing L2 (process) automation. Scope of work will also include the detail engineering for the installation of the equipment. POMINI Long Rolling Mills will provide advisory services for the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and for the training of personnel.
Established in December 1971, China Steel Corporation is located in Kaohsiung (Taiwan, Republic of China). Its annual output of crude steel is about 10 million metric tons. The main products are steel plates, bars, wire rods, hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils, electrogalvanized coils, electrical steel coils, and hot-dip galvanized steel coils. It is the largest Taiwanese steel manufacturer and its share of the domestic market exceeds 50%. About 65.2% of its products are domestically consumed and 34.8% are exported mostly to Mainland China (Hong Kong included), Japan, and Southeast Asia.

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