15 June 2022

MILL Training, the continuous training program of the Academy of POMINI Long Rolling Mills

The Academy of POMINI Long Rolling Mills recently concluded the module about "Wire rod line" of the continuous training program which aims to update and improve the competences of personnel.
POMINI Long Rolling Mills believes that training fosters the creation of a stimulating and motivating work environment in which technical knowledge, the culture of safety, health and prevention play a primary role, and where everyone feels committed to giving the maximum contribution toward the business goals. Continuous learning is for POMINI Long Rolling Mills the driving force behind the design and implementation of regular and programmed training courses such as MILL Training, which aim to involve the personnel in educational and training experiences on the fundamental and most advanced aspects of business.

As POMINI Long Rolling Mills holds a certification for EA 37 – Instruction/Education, it is enabled to provide training courses also to its customers, guaranteeing to the beneficiary companies all the concessions and incentives according to regulations , with particular regard to the digital world and 4.0.
Training can also be provided via e-learning on a dedicated platform.

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