09 May 2022

Intellectual property rights of POMINI Long Rolling Mills

POMINI Long Rolling Mills (the "Company") informs that the products and components originally proposed and/or supplied and/or installed during any project are based on industrial designs entirely belonging to the Company. Likewise, all the relevant intellectual property rights solely belong to the Company.

All customers, established or prospective, should be aware that any proposal/supply of such products by any individual/entity other than the Company constitutes a direct violation of the intellectual property rights of the Company. Customers who purchase such products can be considered in breach of our intellectual property rights as well and held responsible for damages.

POMINI Long Rolling Mills S.r.l. informs that it is not in any partnership with any individual/entity for the production, sale and/or distribution of such products, other than the authorized producers, agents and dealers. Any individual/entity unauthorizedly presenting itself as producer, agent or dealer of such products, either on behalf of or in any form of agreement with the Company commits a violation.

POMINI Long Rolling Mills S.r.l. requests its established and prospective customers to provide full cooperation in case they are offered, or receive notice of offer on the market, of such products by any individual/entity other than the Company, to inform the Company immediately.

All violations will be prosecuted according to law.

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