why POMINI Long Rolling Mills?

The modern world markets call for efficient and flexible solutions to roll long products.
POMINI Long Rolling Mills answers with digitally controlled systems, where all the equipment is precisely engineered and integrated to deliver high performances.

From full lines, to product solutions, to comprehensive services for the entire life cycle of the investment, POMINI Long Rolling Mills has the right answers to all the different market demands.

  • A comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the hot rolling of bars, coils, sections and rails. 
  • An expertise enriched by the historical brands of Pomini, Ashlow and GFM.
  • A profound knowledge and understanding of the processes.
  • A relentless pursuit to improve and innovate the technologies.
  • A scorecard of more than 500 completed installations.






Red Ring stands

Portfolio structured on three pillars

Full Lines
Full-line solutions classified by final product
Final products differ by shape, dimension, steel grade, form of delivery (bundle, pack, coil)

Product Solutions
Stand-alone solutions to upgrade existing lines
Solutions to improve productivity, product range, energy consumption and other key parameters

Spare parts, maintenance services and small upgrade packages 
After-sale support provided to operators of lines supplied by POMINI Long Rolling Mills and competitors

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