17 January 2023

POMINI Long Rolling Mills obtains from Ferriera Valsabbia the final acceptance of PriSense predictive maintenance system

Ferriera Valsabbia released the Final Acceptance Certificate for the PriSense predictive maintenance system supplied by POMINI Long Rolling Mills and installed in the rolling mill at Odolo (Brescia, Italy).
The project is part of the incremental investment plan focused to the improvement of production efficiency and of rolled product quality.
Predictive maintenance consists in monitoring plant equipment and processes through a network of permanent sensors or portable devices capable to analyze data in real time, in order to forecasts possible impending issues before they occur.
PriSense is the predictive maintenance platform realized by POMINI Long Rolling Mills and Digital Media Industries geared to the market requirements. It is an integrated system that comprises sensors, data acquisition devices and software, where each component is designed and built so to work along with the others and generate an optimal overall result. In particular at Odolo's rolling mill, over 150 devices have been installed in some thirty different equipment that include stand gear reducers, pinch rolls serving shears, tail braking devices at the bar delivery to the cooling bed.
Each device is equipped with a three-axis vibration sensor, an ultrasonic vibration sensor and a temperature sensor. Having each device its own calculating capacity, a large chunk of the data analysis can be completed directly onboard the equipment and a significant optimization of data handling is obtained, in terms of traffic, storage and analysis.
PriSense is applicable to both new installations and to update existing ones, and it is the first system that integrates portable devices and permanent intelligent sensors to perfectly suit the requirements of the predictive maintenance process. The data received from the field are decoded, stored in the system database and classified according to the operating conditions, so that speed and other variables are correctly considered according to the actual production recipe. The predictive module continuously analyzes the data through a specific regression algorithm in order to identify the trend changes which predict possible incoming malfunctions.
Therefore, operators are timely informed by notifications, warnings and alarms. A friendly navigation system allows easy access to information, through synoptic dashboards where critical positions and signals are quickly identified. The PriSense interface includes an array of features for viewing and analyzing the available data.
In addition to supporting the training of personnel, POMINI Long Rolling Mills monitors the data acquisition and the system operation, either on-site or remotely.
POMINI Long Rolling Mills supports Ferriera Valsabbia with the preparation of the documentation required to access the tax breaks provided by the laws in force, and in particular by "Transition 4.0" that concerns the purchase of "4.0" machines and other related activities.

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